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New CORS CLIFWe have installed a new Active Control Monument to replace LUCH that was destroyed in Hurricane Ida. We named the new station at Lutcher High School, CLIF in honor of Clifford Mugnier for his many contributions to advanced positioning in Louisiana and his work at the LSU Center for GeoInformatics.

Station: CLIF, Lutcher, LA
Station code: CLIF
Lat: N 30° 02' 47.42872"
Lon: W 90° 41' 36.58384"
Height: -15.334
Sensor type: TRIMBLE ALLOY
Antenna type: TRM115000.00 NONE
New CORS LOYNINRI located in New Orleans, LA had to be moved to a different building which required it to be decomissioned. The replacement site ID is LOYN located on the roof of Buddig Hall on the Loyola University Campus, NO, LA.

Station: LOYN, Loyola University, NO, LA
Station code: LOYN
Lat: N 29° 56' 13.57262"
Lon: W 90° 07' 11.94596"
Height: 16.585
Sensor type: TRIMBLE ALLOY
Antenna type: TRM115000.00 NONE

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