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New CORS JHHSWe have installed a new Active Control Monument located at Jonesboro Hodge High School in Jonesboro, LA.7/20/20228/5/2023Info
DQCY replaced by DQINDQCY located in Dequincy, LA had a roof faced makeover that required the antenna mast to be offset from the building. The offset was about a foot so the station DQCY has been decommissioned and replaced with a new station in the same location named DQIN.
Below is the new position of the station, all equipment is the same, only the antenna mount was changed.
Please calculate and verify your assigned position to the new station DQIN.

Station: DQIN, Dequincy, LA
Station code: DQIN
Lat: N 30° 27' 04.23629"
Lon: W 93° 26' 43.05331"
Height: 7.085
Sensor type: TRIMBLE ALLOY
Antenna type: TRM115000.00 NONE

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